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Advanced Analytics ROI: Why You Need an Analytics Strategy


Everywhere we turn these days, we find incredible technological advancements in big data (working with large data sets) and advanced analytics (using complex methods for understanding data). If you are being pressured to implement a big data platform or are staring down the barrel of a data warehouse upgrade, you need a quality analytics strategy to ensure your business gets a return on its investment.  It's important to understand the common business drivers, the potential value of addressing them, and the investment cost to improve them before placing significant bets on technology.

Three Ways To Grow Your Bottom Line With Sales Performance Analytics


At the end of the day, isn’t it your bottom line that really matters? While cool products, slick marketing, and great customer reviews are all factors in your bottom line, they are just that – factors. Behind these and other business factors is critical data that needs to be collected and interpreted to help your business operate at its peak.

Gaining Operational Intelligence: Considerations Beyond On-Boarding Your Data Into Splunk


As our customers embark on transforming their machine data into Operational Intelligence, they would attest that getting data into Splunk is simple and quick.  Splunk’s Universal Data Platform and its Schema on the Fly are core differentiators that facilitate this task.  It allows customers to gain valuable insight from a variety of disparate sources under one platform.  Whether the sources are from…

Accelerate Advanced Data Analytics To Unlock Greater Value From Your Data


We see many companies investing in, or at least investigating, next generation technologies with the goal of transforming into analytics-driven organizations.  For most firms, this means moving beyond traditional business intelligence and looking to advanced analytics to leverage more available data and apply predictive modeling to gain greater insight.

Illuminate360 a Gold Sponsor at WIT Connect


The Illuminate360 team attended and participated as a Gold Sponsor in the 19th Annual Women in Technology (WIT) Connect Event held at The Georgia Aquarium last night.  This was an Executive Auction to raise money for WIT and the WIT Foundation.  A lot of money was raised; congratulations to all that won the bids on both the Executive and silent auctions!  What a great event, we are definitely looking forward to next year!  Here are a few pictures….

Improve Your IT Performance With Operational Intelligence


As anyone in IT can tell you, today’s IT environments are becoming increasingly complicated and harder to secure. And it appears to only be getting more challenging for IT professionals as new technologies continually layer and intertwine with existing technology.  Cloud, Mobile, Social. They have all enhanced the way the world does business, but they make your IT more complex and your data more vulnerable.  The traditional siloed approach to IT performance management is no longer enough.  If you want to maintain high customer satisfaction and be safe from emerging threats, you should be taking a closer look at Operational Intelligence.

Helping out at TAG's 2nd Annual Day of Service


Last Friday a number of us Illuminators joined fellow TAG members for the 2nd Annual Day of Service.  We had a great day helping restore the bike trails at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.  Hope our restorations survived the heavy rains on Sunday!  Here are a few pics from our day out...

The Big Data Approach to Data Protection


During the recent Atlanta Big Data Week kick-off event, I heard the CISO of the CDC make an interesting comment on security.  I’m paraphrasing, but he basically said that old IT security methods of trying to protect your network are no longer enough – mobile devices have blown that approach out of the water.  Today it’s all about data protection.   He should know, given the huge amounts of sensitive data that they are managing at the CDC. 

Splunk for Big Data Webcast held on April 18th


Illuminate360 and Splunk co-hosted a Webcast on April 18th on how to Get Real-Time Business Insights from Big Data. 

Splunk for Application Management Webcast held on March 6th


Illuminate360 and Splunk co-hosted a Webcast on March 6th on Better Ways to Improve Application Performance!

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